Entrepreneurship Boundaries

Boundaries are extremely important to me personally because for so long, I seemingly had no idea what a boundary even was !

Until we learn to set boundaries for ourselves as entrepreneurs, we’re going to keep having our days prioritized for us by other people and projects.

Here are just 5 simple strategies that you can start with and examples of how I’ve built these boundaries into my day-to-day life….


One of the clearest — and most important — boundaries that you can set is to establish office hours for yourself, first and foremost.

What time of day will you work, and on which days?

Having an intention in place is the first step to keeping your work and personal lives from blending together mindlessly.


Ahhhhh….the neverending, soul-sucking vortex that is your email inbox!

What a depressing, draining, and stressful place to be!

I check my email 3-4 times a day, sometimes less. I often even schedule on my daily calendar when I’m going to check email to keep myself honest. 


It’s not enough just to establish boundaries for yourself. You also need to align expectations and communicate those boundaries to the people you work with and to your clients and customers.

Setting boundaries for yourself in addition to communicating them to other people is not easy at first. I clearly remember feeling guilty about setting some of my first boundaries and afraid that other people would think poorly of me. But, here’s the thing: I was letting other people’s wishes (whether in the form of calls, notifications, or meetings) override my own. I wasn’t respecting MYSELF by allowing other people to decide things for me.

Once I realized this, I suddenly didn’t feel “bad” anymore, and I got really good at saying no or setting boundaries with grace.

Go easy on yourself at first and you’ll start to experience the confidence you can build when you set and follow-through with your first boundary and then your second and your third…

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